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Waking Up Together

AiRE Healing & Kaia Evolutions

FYI: There will be no Season 2 of the Waking Up Together podcast as this project has come to a close to allow for other offerings to expand. Thank you for listening to the process and joining us on this journey!

Welcome to 'Waking Up Together,' a podcast dedicated to sharing the deeply personal and profoundly relatable journey that unfolds when your soul begins to stir awake. Join Eileen and Jessica, two soul sisters bonded by destiny, as they journey through the expansive realms of self and source. They openly share their personal transformations, nurtured by the evolution of their friendship, and rooted in their profound wisdom and lifelong dedication as healers. This podcast is an open invitation to anyone seeking to discover their true selves and explore the magic and madness of awakening. Think of it as a heart guide, like 'What to Expect When You're Expecting,' but for your soul's journey. Together, they'll illuminate the transformative power of connection, reigniting the joy of listening, the wonder of feeling, the boundless potential of dreaming, the spark of creating, and, above all, the profound beauty of awakening together.